The Core: Health & Fitness


Workout of the Day – June 1/24

5 Rounds:

DB Power Clean x8

DB Floor Press x10

DB Single Leg RDL x8/side 

DB Shoulder Press x5 

Happy Birthday Holly!

A very special day for a very special person, always brining life to your surroundings. Its great to have you back in our community and we are grateful to be a part of your journey.

Workout of the Day – May 30/24

Tabata Double Unders x4 Rounds (20/10) 

Rest 30 seconds 

AMRAP 19 Minutes:

Box Jump x20

Row x15/12 cal 

T2B x12

DB Shoulder Press x6 

Rest 30 seconds 

Tabata Double Unders x4 Rounds 

Happy Birthday Wylie, Joel, Colton!

Three Amazing people in our world that we have had the honor to watch grow up from youth to the individuals they are today. We are so proud of all of you for so many reasons and all point back to the amazing character you have. Your strength, your kindness, and your amazing hearts. So grateful for being a part of your journey and so excited to see where life takes you.

Workout of the Day – May 29/24

Hang Tuck Hold x60 seconds (accumulate) 

Then 3 Rounds:

Run 400/200m

Air Squat x30

KB Swing x30

Hang Tuck Hold x60 seconds (accumulate) 

Happy Birthday Renita & Pam B!

Amazing and spirited individuals who crush everything that comes their way. Thank you for being the amazing people that you are.

Workout of the Day – May 28/24


Hang Power Clean 

Push Up 

Happy Birthday Anita & Colleen R!

Two Strong Individuals who always bring a smile to my face. You bring a special energy to everything you do and inspire so many people.

Workout of the Day – May 25/24

7 Rounds:

Ring Row x20 seconds 

Rest 10 seconds 

Band Rows x20 seconds 

Rest 10 seconds 

DB Pull Over x20 seconds 

Rest 10 seconds 

DB Floor Press x20 seconds 

Rest 10 seconds 

Hollow Up x20 seconds 

Rest 10 seconds 

Weighted Deadbug x20 seconds (legs only) 

Rest 10 seconds 

Workout of the Day – May 24/24

10 Rounds:

Deadlift x5 

DB Shoulder Press x5 

Pull Up x5 

Happy Birthday Sabrina, Chris, Trish, Jen, Margaret!

Five individuals who are all unique and amazing. Thank you for becoming more than friends in our world but family in our community.

Workout of the Day – May 23/24


Wall Ball 

Double Unders 

Hollow Hold x60 seconds 

Happy Birthday Emma G!

A smart and strong individual we have had the honour to watch grow up. You are an amazing person and I’m so happy to have the opportunity to share in your journey. Excited to see what the world has in store for you or what you have in store for the world.