The Core: Health & Fitness


Today's WOD

Workout of the Day – July 25/24

5 Rounds:

Row x40 seconds 

Rest 20 seconds 

KB Swing x40 seconds 

Rest 20 seconds 

Step Up x40 seconds 

Rest 20 seconds 

Workout of the Day – July 16/24

Row 1000m


Row 800m


Row 600m


Row 400m 


Row 200m 

Equal Work to Rest 

Workout of the Day – June 19/24

Every 30 seconds for 15 Minutes: 

  1. Row x5-10 cal 
  2. Double Unders x20-35 

Happy Birthday Claude!

You always keep it interesting no matter where you are, in class, on the dance floor, even on the baseball field. You are an amazing father who leads from the front and doesn’t pull any punches especially when we are seeing how low you can go!

Workout of the Day – May 30/24

Tabata Double Unders x4 Rounds (20/10) 

Rest 30 seconds 

AMRAP 19 Minutes:

Box Jump x20

Row x15/12 cal 

T2B x12

DB Shoulder Press x6 

Rest 30 seconds 

Tabata Double Unders x4 Rounds 

Happy Birthday Wylie, Joel, Colton!

Three Amazing people in our world that we have had the honor to watch grow up from youth to the individuals they are today. We are so proud of all of you for so many reasons and all point back to the amazing character you have. Your strength, your kindness, and your amazing hearts. So grateful for being a part of your journey and so excited to see where life takes you.